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Houston Asset Forfeiture Defense Attorney

Federal and Texas law enables the authorities to seize bank accounts, real estate, and personal property if they can show that it was acquired or used in furtherance of criminal activity. Even if you are eventually found innocent of the charge or charges, you may still lose your assets and property.

At my practice, Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law, I defend people accused of white collar crimes, drug charges, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

I also take aggressive action in both Federal and State courts to protect and recover the financial assets, vehicles, homes, and personal property of people subject to forfeiture actions.

Call me at 713-695-2888 to arrange for a free consultation. I can discuss the specific aspects of your case and steps that, as a laywer, I can take to stop a current or impending forfeiture action.

Protecting Your Financial Holdings and Your Freedom
Many forfeiture actions proceed along with related criminal hearings and trials. While you attempt to recover the assets and property that are rightfully yours, care must be taken not to compromise the defense of the criminal charge or the pursuit of an appeal.

I will pay close attention to both the criminal forfeiture action and the criminal hearing and trial. However, it may make sense to forego the recovery action if it threatens to undermine the defense of the criminal charges.

I will explain the stakes involved and the potential effect this could have on the outcome of the criminal trial. Together, we will determine the best course to take.

Complete Recovery or Partial Asset Forfeiture?
A defense of a forfeiture action can succeed through procedural motions or a persuasive argument against the government's case. I will work diligently to prevent forfeiture or to recover your seized property. If it is possible to accomplish without jeopardizing your rights and freedom, I will work to recover all of your assets and property. In other situations, prosecutors can be receptive to a negotiated outcome that returns a portion of what was seized.

My firm has the experience, knowledge and resources required to succeed in asset forfeiture defense actions. I will aggressively represent you.

For a free consultation with Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law regarding asset forfeiture defense, call 713-695-2888 or contact us online.