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Insurance Coverage Dispute Attorney

An insurance policy is a form of contract, but when it suits their interests many insurance companies will simply fail to honor the policies they have sold. The policy holder has to suffer the loss, unless the holder can persuade the insurer to honor the contract or prevail in court. In this regard, the services of an experienced insurance claims lawyer are essential.

At my practice, Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law, I help insurance policy holders obtain the insurance claim money they are entitled to. I have many years of experience in such cases and understand how to use the law and the facts to get results for my clients.

I represent clients in insurance coverage matters involving:

  • Automobile insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Casualty and property insurance
  • Life insurance
  • And other insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claims
  • I also review proposed and existing insurance policies and provide insurance coverage opinions.

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The Complexities of Insurance Policies and Disputes
Make no mistake — insurance policy language is dense and often confusing. Sometimes insurance adjustors make mistakes when reviewing a claim and sometimes there are honest disagreements over the meaning of specific policy provisions. But in many cases the decision to deny a claim is made because it would cost the company too much.

Having reviewed a great many insurance policies, I understand insurance policy language and the techniques and strategies insurers use in insurance coverage disputes cases. I am a strong negotiator and an aggressive trial attorney with one aim — to get the claim money you deserve.

If you are like other insurance policy holders in these cases, you paid premiums for months or years, only to have your claim unfairly denied. I will work to overcome your coverage claim denial as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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