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Houston Contract Enforcement Attorney


A contract is a powerful business tool that can greatly benefit both parties. But unless it can be enforced, it is not worth anything.

At my practice, Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law, I have almost 20 years experience as a dispute resolution lawyer. I will take action to enforce your contract or resolve your commercial dispute.

My firm pursues and defends all types of commercial litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Litigation involving supply contracts
  • Equipment rental contracts
  • Advertising contracts
  • Commercial collections
  • And other types of business disputes

Call 713-695-2888 to arrange for a free consultation. I can evaluate your situation and discuss the types of actions that could achieve your goals while protecting your interests.

Choosing the Right Legal Strategy
Litigation can be expensive and it is not always the best or most efficient means of contract enforcement or dispute resolution. Before we make that decision, I will thoroughly review all aspects of the dispute and the stakes involved. I will explore possibilities of resolving the matter in your favor through negotiation or threatened litigation. While a negotiated outcome is not always the ideal result, it may provide an acceptable means of resolving the matter at a reasonable cost. But I will always seek to negotiate from a position of strength, and will never negotiate away your rights and interests.

Some cases are so important or critical to a company's future that nothing less than full contract compliance is acceptable. In these situations, I will work to achieve complete contract enforcement through aggressive litigation.

In advance of making the decision to seek contract enforcement through any means, we will discuss all of your legal options, their likely outcomes, and the potential costs and drawbacks of each legal strategy.

Whether it involves a commercial lease dispute, an equipment rental contract, any other business law dispute, I will work to achieve your goals by the most cost-effective and efficient means possible.

For a free consultation with Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law, about a contract dispute in the Houston, Texas area, call 713-695-2888 or contact us online.