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Never Owe Fees for Law Services Until You Obtain Compensation

Let our defense attorney at Gilbreath Law in Houston, Texas, defend your case with expert law services. From personal injury cases to criminal law, Stavis Gilbreath collects the debt owed to you for your personal case. With more than 22 years of law experience, rest assured that our defense attorney has the knowledge and resources to obtain your best possible outcome.

Your Houston Personal Injury Lawyer
Defense attorney Stavis Gilbreath makes it a goal to maximize the compensation you receive for personal injury cases. The effects of a car accident or other serious personal injury may last for months or even years. You are entitled to claim compensation, but unless you have a capable lawyer, you may not receive everything you need and deserve. Let our defense attorney get the most for you and never pay attorneys fees unless you receive compensation.

Building the Case for Compensation
Our law firm will undertake a comprehensive effort on your behalf. Working with your physician and outside medical experts, we identify the full extent of your injuries and the treatment and care you need to make as full a recovery as possible. To build your case and assign liability, we also investigate the cause of your accident using accident reconstruction analysts, safety engineers, and other professionals.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Handled:
Car Accidents  ♦  Truck Accidents  ♦  Motorcycle Accidents  ♦  Pedestrian Accidents  ♦  Construction Accidents
Premises Liability  ♦  Dog Bites  ♦  Crime victim compensation  ♦  Wrongful death  ♦  Acts of Negligence

Houston Construction Accidents Law Services
Construction workers do not need to be told of the dangers at the job site. The workers compensation system can provide some compensation, but that may not be enough to pay for your medical care, rehabilitation, and lost income. Our defense attorney helps victims of construction accidents and other negligence acts to obtain compensation for losses and suffering. Call 713-695-2888 to arrange for a free consultation.

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A Professional Approach to Commercial Collections Law
Relying on a commercial collections agency for debt collection services can harm your reputation and return poor results. Our defense attorney uses an approach designed to obtain the money you are owed while retaining good relations with your customers whenever possible. Working along your AR procedures and accounts receivable, our attorney will develop collections plans to keep your costs down while recovering debts. Call our law firm today for commercial collections law services.

Houston Asset Forfeiture Defense Attorney
Our defense attorney helps people accused of white-collar crimes, drug charges, and other felonies and misdemeanors. He takes an aggressive action in both Federal and State courts to protect and recover the financial assets, vehicles, homes, and personal property of people subject to forfeiture actions.

Complete Recovery or Partial Asset Forfeiture?
A defense of a forfeiture action can succeed through procedural motions or a persuasive argument against the government's case. Gilbreath Law works diligently to prevent forfeiture or to recover your seized property. Our law firm has the experience, knowledge, and resources required to succeed in asset forfeiture defense actions. E-mail today for more information.

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