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Houston Commercial Collections Lawyer

Does your business extend services on credit with the expectation of future payment?

This type of business practice can foster strong customer relations and build loyalty to your business. But it can lead to situations where you never receive payment. Meanwhile, your company’s expenses and payroll costs continue to mount. Somehow, you must find a way to obtain what you are owed.

At my practice, Stavis Gilbreath, Attorney at Law, I have 13 years experience in collecting debt owed to construction companies, small businesses, rental companies and other types of businesses in Texas. I use a variety of legal tools to collect debts owed to my clients. Some of these can enable your business to obtain payment while retaining the loyalty of good customers. Others are final options. I will use these to help you obtain payment for the goods or services your company has delivered.

I also represent debtors who are subject to commercial collection actions.

Call 713-695-2888 or send an e-mail for a free consultation. I can evaluate your situation and discuss what can be done to protect your interests.

A Professional Approach to Commercial Collections
Relying on a commercial collections agency for debt collection services can harm your reputation and return poor results. I use a professional approach designed to obtain the money you are owed while retaining good relations with your customers whenever possible.

I can work with your Accounts Receivable department to develop customized collection plans that can work along with your AR procedures. These collection packages can keep your costs down while recovering debts from multiple accounts or classes of accounts.

These custom services work in conjunction with your existing account management strategies to help your business collect more while maintaining your client relationships. For example, you can decide how and when my firm sends a past due letter to a particular customer, based on specific factors. This can maintain your good relations with that customer, while obtaining the funds you are owed.

Judgment and Post-Judgment Collection Efforts
If necessary, I can take legal action to obtain a judgment. But obtaining a judgment is only the first step in the collections process. The assets must then be located and attached through garnishment or repossession actions. My firm has experience in judgment and post-judgment collection actions and will work to maximize the funds you receive.

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